Monday, May 14, 2018

Orchestra End of Year

Dear Parents,

The year for Orchestra has essentially come to a close, as your children have Olympics this week during Connections. We wanted to make sure everyone knew what would be going on here at the end of the year!

Orchestra Lockers: All students must bring home their instruments no later than Monday, May 21st, which will be locker clean out day for Orchestra students. They will NOT allow instruments on the bus on the 22nd or 23rd. 

School instruments: If they use a school instrument, I have a designated place for them to leave their instrument in the locker room (violins and violas) or the cello or bass room. If you would like your child to check out a school instrument over the summer, please email me back so I can send home a check out form. This is on a first come, first serve basis. 

WE NEED HELP! If your child would like to earn Beta or other community service hours, they can come straight to the Orchestra room at 8:15am Wednesday through Friday of this week(Tomorrow is our Fiddlers and Cello Choir celebration.) We have to do several things before the end of the year, such as wrapping up instrument inventory, music library, room organization and clean up, etc. 

The last two days of school will be fun days in the Orchestra room, as we will be pulling out all of our awesome electric instruments for students to play, and will do some Orchestra related activities. Students WILL NOT need their instruments again at school at this point. If they took their instrument home, it should stay home unless they are participating in the SmartMusic Competition Thursday for Olympics (which is only a handful of students). Thank you so much!

Jennifer Aikey and Selena Sanchez

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Final Concert

Dear Parents, The final concert for 6th Grade, Cello Choir, and Fiddlers is MONDAY NIGHT! Please make sure your child has the following uniform ready to go:

6th Grade: Durham white polo, black dress pants (NO BLACK JEANS OR LEGGINGS!), black dress socks (if needed) and black dress shoes
Fiddlers: Green fiddlers shirt and jeans (no shorts please)
Cello Choir: Blue cello choir shirt and jeans (no shorts please)

Arrival time for all students is 6:30pm for tuning and set up. All students should come to the orchestra room first to sign in. The concert will promptly start at 7pm.

Fiddlers: final rehearsal Monday at 8am
Cello choir: final rehearsal Monday at 8:30am
The Small Groups (cello choir and fiddlers only) breakfast celebration will be Tuesday, May 15 at 8am. Thank you parents for your continued support!!

Monday, April 30, 2018

How to Use Charms and Why!

See the Powerpoint below for the lesson on how to use Charms!

Charms Assessment

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Disney Trip Info

Please see the following attachment and follow the instructions if your child is attending the Disney Trip this year :

If your health insurance changed from last year (since forms were filled out in August 2017), please send us either a copy of your insurance card or send us the name of the insurance company, policyholder, Policy ID, and Group number ASAP! We have to make sure all health insurance information is accurate and up to date for all students. 

Thank you,

Jennifer Aikey

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Disney Parent Meeting

Dear 8th Grade Parents,

The mandatory Disney parent meeting is Thursday, April 26th at 7pm in the Durham Theater for all parents. Students may attend also. One of our Assistant Principals, Shannon Thorpe, will be attending the meeting (as well as the trip) along with our travel agent, Mark Drury, to discuss important information. We will also make sure that everyone is squared away with paperwork, along with handing out an itinerary, packing list, etc. 

DISNEY CHAPERONES: your meeting is the same day an hour earlier at 6pm in the Chorus room. Students are NOT allowed to attend that meeting. If you are bringing your child, they must wait outside of the chorus room until the general meeting starts at 7. 

Thank you!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Jamboree 6th Grade

Dear 6th Grade Parents,

Your child's Jamboree concert at Harrison is Tuesday! Please make sure your child brings the following items to school Tuesday:

1. A folding music stand if they have one ~ labeled with their name
2. Instrument ~ labeled with their name (Cellos who have their own instrument need to bring their cello tuesday morning to school!)
3. Rock stop (cello and bass only) and shoulder rest (violin and viola) ~ labeled with their name 
3. Music Binder
4. DMS Music Polo, nice Jeans, and closed toe shoes (Please wear this to school, tennis shoes are fine) 

Chaperones, please arrive at Durham by 3:45 for a brief meeting, and make sure you have a way to get back to your car! Students will depart from Durham by county transportation after school. This is a one way trip to Harrison. You will need to provide transportation after the performance. Rehearsal for the concert begins at 5:30 p.m. in the Harrison High School gymnasium. There will
be a short supper break from 6:30 until 7:15. The concert will start at 7:30 p.m.
Parents: Please arrive no later than 7:20 p.m. so you may hear our performance. Please
allow plenty of time to find parking. If your child is using a school cello or bass, you will be responsible for returning the instrument back to Durham after the concert Wednesday morning. (if you need to return an instrument Tuesday night, please email us back.)  ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A RIDE AT HARRISON BY 8PM! Please come attend their concert if you can! :) Email us if you have any questions or concerns. 

Thank you so much!

Jennifer Aikey and Selena Sanchez

Friday, March 2, 2018

LGPE Information

LGPE will be hosted at McEachern HS on March 12th and 13th

2018 LGPE Itinerary for the day of your evaluation 

Homeroom: Bring instrument and Formal Uniform to school (and lunch if not ordering CFA). (Remember to label)

 7th Grade: Monday, March 12
10:30am Depart Durham
11:00 Unload
11:30 Eat Lunch/Change
12:40 Unpack and Tune
1:00 Warm Up
1:30 Perform
2:00 Sight-reading
2:30 Depart McEachern
3:15 Arrival at Durham

8th Grade: Tuesday, March 13
11:00am Depart Durham
11:30am Unload, eat lunch
11:40 Eat Lunch/Change
1:35 Unpack/Tune
2:00 Warm Up
2:45 Perform
3:15 Sight-reading
3:45 Pack and Listen to 2 groups
5:00 Depart McEachern
5:30 Arrival at Durham

Things to consider:
1.  Students should get a good night of sleep the night before evaluations.
2.  Make sure instrument cases and uniforms/garment bags are labeled. Keep a record of your instrument’s serial number (located on the inside of the instrument).

3.  Encourage your child to practice at home!  We are counting on every member of the orchestra to do his or her part in being prepared for our evaluation.