Friday, September 11, 2015

Braves Game Information

Students will report to the theater after picking up their instruments on Tuesday after 6th period. We will then take attendance and put them into chaperone groups,l oad buses and depart at 4:00.  We may have to wait for a short time at Turner Field on the buses before they take us down to the field.  We will warm up rehearse and then perform the anthem.  After the performance, instruments coming back to school will go onto the buses. Parents who are taking their children home will need to meet us at the East Gate bus drop off near section 129 to get their instruments.  After the instruments have been dropped off, the students will enter the stadium in chaperone groups and eat dinner (students will need money for food) and then sit in their seats. Students must stay with their chaperone group at all times.  We will depart Turner Field at 9:30 PM. Students going home with parents will be released to parents at that time. Please make sure you sign them out with their chaperone.   We will arrive back at Durham at approximately 10:30 PM.  All of our tickets are in the Braves Bullpen area, therefore, seating should be pretty flexible.  Students will wear White Durham Polo Shirts/Jeans and sneakers. The students must be wearing sneakers in order to play on the field. Please emphasize to your child the importance of being attentive and listening to instructions as they receive them.  We should have a great time!! Yay Durham Music!