Monday, March 20, 2017

8th Grade Night at Harrison

Dear 8th Grade Parents,

8th Grade Night at Harrison will be on Thursday, March 30th at 7:00pm. Students will need to get a ride to Harrison after school at 5 if possible and will need to be picked up by 8pm. Please attend the concert if you can. This concert is graded but is NOT a part of the Disney contract since the date was changed for this concert. Students will be fed a FREE pizza dinner. Thank you,

Jennifer Aikey

Friday, March 17, 2017

Jamboree Info

Hello 6th Grade Orchestra Parents,

Your child’s next concert is the 6th Grade String Jamboree District 12 West. Your child will perform alongside other 6th Grade Orchestra students from Lost Mountain, McClure, and Lovinggood. This concert takes place at Harrison High School on Tuesday, March 21, 2017. We are requesting that all students bring in $13 for a pizza dinner and for transportation costs. They will come down to the theater that day during 7th Period and will bring their belongings on the bus with them to Harrison. Chaperones will meet us at Durham at 3:30pm. The itinerary is listed below. The concert starts promptly at 7:30 pm. We encourage all parents to come listen to their child perform; it will be a fun concert to watch! If you cannot attend the concert, please make arrangements to be sure that your child is picked up by 8pm.

Jamboree Itinerary:

5:00-5:15 - Set-up/Schools begin arriving at Harrison
5:15-5:30 - Tuning
5:30-6:30 - Rehearsal (approx.7 minutes/piece)
6:30-7:20 - Pizza/Dinner break
7:20-7:25 - Students back in place
7:28-7:30 - Welcome to audience
7:30-8:00 - Concert
8:00 - Concert ends/clean-up

Students will also need to bring the following items to school that day:

  1. A folding music stand--Labeled with their name!
  2. Instrument, shoulder rest/rock stop--Labeled with their name!
  3. Music
  4. Durham Music Department polo & nice jeans (please wear this to school!)

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Hello 7th and 8th Grade Parents,

I have some important information to share with your for LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation)! While 7th Grade will be able to take their normal mode of transportation home on March 13, please note we will need all 8th Grade students to have a ride at Durham at 5:30pm on Tuesday, March 14! I still am in need of chaperones for LGPE on March 13 (7th Grade) and March 14 (8th Grade). I would need these chaperones to assist students getting on the bus at Durham, getting off the bus at McEachern, and helping students unpack and prepare for LGPE. Note that we arrive at McEachern very early in case LGPE times are running early, which frequently happens. Students will need to bring their formal uniforms (including dress shoes/socks) to school on their designated day. 

Also, parents are more than welcome to come and attend the performances. Please join us for the performance at McEachern if you can! 

The day of your LGPE during Homeroom: Bring instrument and Formal Uniform to school. (Remember to label)
Things to consider:
1.  Students should get a good night of sleep the night before evaluations.
2.  Make sure instrument cases and uniforms/garment bags are labeled. Keep a record of your instrument’s serial number (located on the inside of the instrument).
3.  Encourage your child to practice at home!  We are counting on every member of the orchestra to do his or her part in being prepared for our evaluation.

March 13th Itinerary (7th Grade)
10:15am- chaperones arrive at Durham
10:30am- students eat lunch
11:15am- students change into formal uniform
11:30am- students leave DMS for McEachern
12:00pm- students arrive at McEachern, unload, tune
1:30pm- official warm up time begins
2:00pm- performance
2:30pm- Sight-reading
3:00pm- leave McEachern for Durham
3:30pm- arrive back at Durham

March 14th Itinerary (8th Grade)
1:00pm- chaperones arrive at Durham
1:15pm- students change into uniforms
1:30pm- students leave Durham for McEachern
2:00pm- students arrive at MHS, unpack, and tune
3:00pm- official warm up time begins
3:30pm- performance
4:00pm- sight-reading
4:30pm- students watch a performance (Lovinggood MS)
5:00pm- Students leave MHS for Durham
5:30pm- students arrive at Durham, picked up by parents

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!