Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Beginning of the Year Info

Hello Orchestra Parents,

Please fill out the form below this blog post if you have not done so already!

Here is important information for each grade level:

8th Grade: If your child is planning to perform and attend the Braves game, please make sure their Blanket Permission form, ticket order forms, and polo forms are turned in by August 25th. They should have the National Anthem mostly memorized by the next rehearsal, which is this coming Monday at 8am in the theater. Any student who missed this week's rehearsal should come to the make-up rehearsal tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 8:15am. The Braves game price for students and chaperones has been changed to $40 and will occur on Friday, Sept. 9, 2016. Parent and family tickets are $25. Students who attend the field trip must ride the bus to and from Durham and stay with the group through the duration of the trip. The 8th Grade also has a playing test that was assigned today that is due on August 19th. These tests will be done in class; it is a short, 8 measure test...between the National Anthem and the playing test, you should be hearing some practicing at home! :)

7th Grade: Everyone in 7th Grade should have their Essential Elements Book 2 by the end of this week. I have extended the deadline as some stores have ran out of books. Please call ahead before going to a store to obtain the books. We are working on note reading review and are getting started with the books in class! All students should have turned in a blanket permission form. We will be handing out information about Formal Uniforms tomorrow. Please be on the lookout for those forms, as they will be due soon. Boys uniforms will be a little different than in the past, with the students wearing black pants, a black shirt, and a black tie. Girls uniforms will be the same as previous years (a black dress), so if you have obtained an Orchestra dress through a neighbor or friend, then you are good to go. Boys uniforms will be $68 and Girls uniforms are $64. Students must order through us so they will have matching uniforms. Please keep their polo shirt as it may be needed for other events. 

6th Grade: Please come to the Music Night Open House on Thursday from 7-8:30; this is a drop-in event, so come anytime that is convenient for you in that period to meet the music teachers and for your child to try the instruments one more time! We will get everyone signed up for classes on Friday and students will have their first official day in Orchestra on Monday of next week.

Small Groups: Cello Choir will have its' first official rehearsal on next Tuesday and Fiddlers will have a rehearsal for new and returning members next Thursday. Returning members from Fiddlers have a meeting this Thursday at 8:15am.

Please email me if you have any questions! jennifer.aikey@cobbk12.org Thank you!

---Jennifer Aikey