Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last Minute Disney Reminders

Last Minute Reminders for the Disney Trip

REPORT TO DURHAM NO LATER THAN 5:30 AM, PREFERABLY ARRIVING AT 5AM.  Chaperones MUST be at Durham by 5am. The sooner we get on the road, the sooner you get into the park.  Put luggage/instruments/case and water in designated areas outside. Go into theater and sit in chaperone groups. (Parents, this is a good time to meet your child's chaperone if you have not already.) Students, use the restroom before we leave.  The buses depart at 6:00 am sharp! Set multiple alarms if needed and pack EVERYTHING you can tonight!!

MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD BRINGS ANY NEEDED MEDICATIONS!! We will not have their medicines from school. so PLEASE make sure they bring their medicines, ESPECIALLY rescue items such as Epi-pens or inhalers. Please make sure to bring any needed medical forms as well. I have attached all forms in case you need another.

(The rest of this email was sent in a handout to students)

We are going immediately to Hollywood Studios when we arrive in Orlando. All items going into park, including money, sunscreen, etc., need to be on the bus with you.  You will not have access to suitcases when we arrive. We will give you the string bag Wednesday before departure so that you may organize your items.  

No pajamas are allowed on bus or public areas. Do not come to breakfast in the motel in your pajamas.

Always be quiet and listen when an adult is speaking.

No gum is allowed on bus. We keep our own buses clean, therefore, if you make a mess, you clean it up.

Remember to drink, drink, drink, water. You do not want to get dehydrated and get sick.

No flip flops are allowed in the park.  This is a safety issue.

Rest area stops are for restrooms ONLY. Do NOT go to concessions. Bring your snacks/drinks with you.

Band and orchestra students only need their instruments/supplies. No music or stands are needed.

Due to federal regulations for bus drivers, once you get off the bus at night, the buses are unavailable.  Please make sure you have everything.

Please bring only one small suitcase and one carry on bag per student.

Please bring G or PG DVD’s for bus.

We need one case of water per family. Just bring it tomorrow morning. Thank you!!

Please do not bring iPads, computers, or any device larger than a phone or mp3 player.

Bring a portable cell phone charger/cords for the park. Keep your phones charged!!

Please eat healthy while at the hotel and at the park.

Go to bed early and get plenty of sleep tonight!!

You are required to HAVE FUN!!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, PLEASE contact me today. We will be extremely busy in the morning loading buses and taking care of items. Thank you,

Jennifer Aikey

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